Can Internet Shopping Be Just as Addictive as Online Gambling?

Both shopping and gambling online can be done, and both can be used as a form of entertainment. The internet, in general, can be quite addictive, and everybody knows that there are people out there that suffer from gambling addictions. But what about shopping? Shopping can be addictive too, and that doesn’t change, just because the transactions are being done online rather than in person. If you have compulsions to either gamble or shop online to an excessive level, it can drastically affect your bank account and your mental health.

Basically, anything that is enjoyable can also be addictive. For example, if you are continually buying yourself new clothes online, not because you need them, but because you get a “buzz” from it, then you could very well have a problem. When you do some online sportsbetting because you enjoy certain sports then that is fine, but not if you find yourself gambling on games you have no clue about, just in the hope that you will win.

So, how can you manage either, or both, of these things to ensure that you do not develop unhealthy habits? Regarding gambling, you should be overseeing proper bankroll management, which means not depositing more money than you can afford to lose. If you feel that you are too emotionally invested in gambling, and chasing your losses, it’s time to stop. In regards to online shopping, set yourself a realistic budget each month, allowing yourself a small amount for treats which can be used with for internet purchases. It’s essential that you use your common sense, and don’t buy yourself items that you do not need. If you are still struggling, cut up your cards or give them to somebody that you trust.

To answer the main question, gambling and shopping online can be addictive, so put steps in place to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.