How much do Kiwis spend on online shopping?

Many of us enjoy shopping online but how much we spend actually varies from person to person of course. The facts regarding online shopping in New Zealand are really interesting, and it shows that many residents of the country have healthy bank accounts and like to spend their cash with things they want from the internet. Recent findings in regards to the online shopping habits of New Zealand can be found below.

A consumer study in the country recently discovered that 28% of New Zealanders keep their shopping completely online, 15% prefer to shop in a physical store and 57% prefer to use a combination of both to meet their needs. There is no question that pretty much EVERYTHING you need in your daily life can be purchased on the internet and many consumers see this as a much more convenient option.

A staggering $4.2 billion has been spent online in New Zealand in the last year. This is up from $3.9 billion the year before. This is an increase of 10% and it is believed that one of the big reasons for this is the collaboration between many online and physical stores, with many stores expanding their business online also. The most popular months for shopping online in New Zealand and actually all over the world are in fact November and December for the simple reason that Christmas is just around the corner.

These statistics are definitely interesting but they also show that bricks and mortar style shops will always be in demand or at least for the foreseeable future. There are always people who prefer to go into a physical store. The reasons for doing so is the ability to try on items. Some older people and those who do not trust technology also prefer to stay away from online shopping.