Huge Growth in Online Shopping for Kiwis

The New Zealand Connected Consumers Report has uncovered some interesting facts about the way that Kiwis shop online today. While shopping has always been popular, the digital age has seen it grow enormously, and this is no different for those who live in New Zealand.

As of 2018, statistics show that two-thirds of people from this country have shopped online in the last 12 months, and that number is set to increase significantly in the years that follow. Three out of every five New Zealanders now use their smartphones or tablets to shop, as opposed to the more traditional method of an actual computer. A vast majority of people actually research the items they are interested in online, only to buy them in store after they know enough about them. This shows that the bricks and mortar method of business is not dead quite yet.

So, what is it that makes shopping online so popular for the many Kiwis that do it from students right the way to OAPs? For one thing, it is very convenient. The ability to shop without even leaving your home is fascinating. Another reason why online shopping is increasing in popularity among New Zealanders is the number of online gift shops that are now hitting the internet in all different forms.

It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for people in your life, and online gift shops have unique ideas that are often very reasonably priced too. Please be sure to check out some of the top gift shops online in New Zealand, so that you can experience this for yourself, and see what is available. As different pieces of technology emerge, online shopping for gifts is not going to stop anytime soon, and is, in fact, more likely to grow in popularity!