Increase in Online Alcohol Sales around the World

Alcohol is enjoyed in many different countries around the world. Not that long ago, all alcohol would be bought from the supermarket or perhaps from a brewery by business owners buying stock. Recent findings have discovered, however, that the number of shoppers purchasing their alcohol over the internet is increasing rapidly. It is thought that this is because better deals can be found online, meaning you are less likely to harm your bank account as much. There are also some websites out there that offer cashback, which can see you save even more money on your purchases.

So, what are the actual statistics in regards to buying alcohol online? A recent survey completed by IWSR has shown that the country with the largest e-commerce from alcohol is China, at a massive $6.1 billion. Sales of alcohol online in the United Kingdom and France are also increasing. It is interesting that China actually spends FOUR times that of America on alcohol online and this number is growing steadily at around 15% a year. It is thought that the number is slightly lower in America due to tighter legislation on alcohol consumption, although this is actually starting to become more relaxed in certain states.

The numbers are pretty big in the UK because many households now do their grocery shopping online and that also means purchasing alcohol for some families. The most commonly used sites to shop for alcohol in the UK are Asda and Tesco. 60-70% of online sales for alcohol around the world is wine, closely followed by beer. Another website that sells alcohol, which is increasing in popularity, is Amazon. This is probably the most convenient option for those located in Germany and France.

This survey showed that the rise in alcohol sales online is only set to grow in the years ahead.