Streets Ahead Gift Shop Closes Down

Streets Ahead is a physical gift shop in Palmerston North and it is unfortunately the end of the road for this business, because it is shutting down after over 24 successful years as a store. The owner, Trisha Cameron, was made an appealing offer by a large chain and it was one that she couldn’t refuse. It seems she is selling the business with perfect timing, as it is apparent that online gift shops are taking over from physical stores. Trisha did report seeing a decline in business in recent years and has been concerned for some time, although she was still making enough money to make ends meet.

So, what is it that is so appealing about online stores for customers? For one thing, there is much more variety, and usually cheaper prices can be found online too due to the sheer number of online stores that exist on the web. The kind of products that Streets Ahead sold was general gift type items, including chocolates, ornaments and more. The store is being taken over on October 1st and Trisha is taking much of the stock with her, many of which has been in her possession since day one.

While there will always be a need for physical stores, many businesses are actually closing down due to tough competition from online shops that they feel they cannot keep up with. There are definitely going to be less land based businesses in the years to come. This is good for people who like shopping online but for the older generation or those who do not like using a computer, it isn’t so appealing. However you like to shop, make sure that you look for some amazing gift shops in New Zealand so that you can purchase mementos and other gifts for your family and friends.