The Evolution of Shopping Online

In 2018, online shopping is everywhere, in fact, it’s quickly taking over from visiting physical stores. Thinking back, the first online transaction in regards to goods for money was in 1994. Amazon and eBay were then introduced in 1995, but these sites were more like an experiment at first. People were very dubious about shopping online, and rightly so, it was brand new after-all. Technology is now everywhere we go, and large brands are seen as strange if they don’t offer some kind of online shopping service.

As customers, we have very high expectations. When online shopping first began, it would be very typical for items to take a week or longer to get to us, but this is very different now. As consumers, we now demand that items arrive the very next day, and some retailers even offer “same day delivery” at an extra cost, which is pretty incredible. It is easy for the average person to set up their own virtual shop, with many online marketplaces giving them a platform. Many people now make a business from buying and selling online.

Many actual stores have now had to shut down because of online shopping. If, as a business, you sell similar items as to those of a company online, but theirs are cheaper, you will soon start losing money and will be forced to shut down before you know it. The final way that online shopping has evolved through the ages is the sheer variety of items that can now be purchased on the internet. While it used to be mostly electronic products, furnishings and the like, you can now buy everything online. From groceries, personalised gifts, autographs, games, alcohol and much more. People even purchase their medicine through the internet! There is no doubt that shopping online has come a long way through the years and it continues to evolve.